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do you ever stop to think what it would be like if the dursleys were nice to harry? what if their reason for hating magic wasn’t simply that it was magic and they were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much but that it took petunia’s sister away from her and then killed her? what if it wasn’t even really hatred bc wizards are different and not normal but accumulated pain and fear bc some wizards kill?

imagine harry actually being able to call priver drive his home. imagine him having a room like any other kid and playing with dudley and eating full meals every day. imagine dudley defending harry instead of being the one to bully him. imagine the dursleys celebrating harry’s birthdays as well, having his pictures on the walls next to dudley’s, buying him new clothes, hugging him. imagine if they actually told him the truth about his parents, that they had magic and they were killed but they loved him so so much. imagine harry being able to talk with petunia about his mother, to hear stories about her childhood and what was she liked and that he has her eyes and they’re beautiful. imagine harry getting to read his letter at breakfast and be excited bc he’s like his mum and dad, he has magic too.

imagine harry knowing love from the very start.

but now think about this happy harry who would have a family to go back to and ask yourself: would he be so eager to sacrifice himself in the forest? would it be so easy for him to accept death? would there be any reason for him to do just that? of course not. and of course dumbledore knew all that. if the dursleys were indeed nice people dumbledore would probably find a different place for harry bc he needed him broken, he needed him selfless to the point where it’s unhealthy, he needed him to be the weapon to kill voldemort and nobody cares if weapons get a happy childhood, they’re just weapons after all.

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I think I saw these on Shark Tank a while ago, but we were at a party at my friend’s place the other day and he had these lights and they are COOL AS HELL. They’re LED based bulbs that can produce a multitude of different coloured hues that are all controlled wirelessly by your phone. Apparently you can program them to do cool tricks too, like turn on or off depending on how far away from your house your phone is (so they turn off when you leave and on when you’re getting close to the house), or change colour depending on the weather forecast?

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I’m weak. But I’m not racing by myself.

Happy birthday, Junta Teshima. Thanks for ruining my life.

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Concept vs. Reality: the Handmaidens

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Petitions you can sign to support nonbinary genders



Any more for me to add? I’ll edit as and when. :)

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It seems to me that on one page I recognized a portion of an old diary of mine which mysteriously disappeared shortly after my marriage, and, also, scraps of letters which, though considerably edited, sound to me vaguely familiar. In fact, Mr. Fitzgerald (I believe that is how he spells his name) seems to believe that plagiarism begins at home.

—Zelda Fitzgerald, in a review of her husband’s book in 1922 (via trishahaddad)

Reminder that F. Scott Fitzgerald stole his wife’s writing, many times, while suppressing her works. See “Save Me the Waltz”, which he forced her to revise so that he could use parts of it in his own book “Tender Is the Night”. And which author do we study in school?

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I didn’t know this.

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He also encouraged her to have affairs so he could use that for inspiration, and when she wanted to leave him for a man she fell in love with, he locked her in their house and wouldn’t let her leave.

When she wanted to publish “Save me the Waltz,” Fitzgerald wrote in his diary about DELIBERATELY trying to TRIGGER her schizophrenic episodes and making her incapable of fighting that battle.

And Fitzgerald scholars KNOW all this.  They write articles about how it was all okay because in the end, it inspired Fitzgerald to write Great Literature.

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knife his corpse

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Fuck I didn’t know this fuck ugh god why fuck ugh

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Yep. All true. Learned about his trifling ass studying creative writing and English lit. at CSU. Didn’t read ONE of her books on high school, yet we’re taught how amazing and talented he was. Makes me sick. xBx

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Dante Gabriel Rosetti did this with Elizabeth Siddal’s drawings, and her contributions to his drawings, as well. Then drove her to suicide by using her as his romantic and sexual scratching post. Then disinterred her body to retrieve the poems he had placed in her open coffin because they were “too good” to let her rest with them. Cool art dudes from history.

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I knew he wasn’t good to her, but damn.

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The Great Gaslighter

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so im moving out of my dads house because he refuses to accept that im trans, this is the shirt im wearing over there today  


so im moving out of my dads house because he refuses to accept that im trans, this is the shirt im wearing over there today  

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there is no land between the sky and the seathere is only a place where shadow sleeps


there is no land between the sky and the sea
there is only a place where shadow sleeps

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orphan black + cards against humanity
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